Monday, February 25, 2013

To Chandy or Not to Chandy

I absolutely adore chandeliers, I think most of you do too.  Who amongst us 'home styling bloggers and bloggees' doesn't dream of one day owning a gorgeous vintage french chandy in old gold and dripping with glorious sparkling crystals.  Oopsies.....reality check!!!  That's not in mah budget!!!

Last year I did buy an interesting vintage chandelier for a very good price, that had been salvaged from an old home though.  My plan was always to pretty it up and put it in my booth at the antique market.  When I said interesting, I meant that it has good form, but unfortunately is an ugly dirty whitish grey that does not at all compliment the style or the pretty crystals.

As often happens in my life, this makeover did NOT go as planned.  I always paint in layers to get that rich depth that mulitple colours gives; but normally no more than two or three layers. Somehow this chandy just got the better of me.  I painted, and painted and PAINTED!!!  GAAAH!!

Here it is in it's original finish and with it's crystals already removed.  It actually looks better in this picture than it did in reality. It was just dirty looking and not in the shabby good way.

First coat -  bronze, ewww...toooooo poopy.  Can I say poopy in blog land, is there a secret blogging editor out there that's going to poo poo my blog?  Ha ha...

Anyway, then on to the next layer,  old gold, just a bit more shimmer really; still not quite right!

Then I tried bright gold.  YUCK, appalling and cheap looking!!  Now, just slightly desperate, I  decided to try dry brushing with gesso and when that still didn't make me happy I went over the gesso with champagne gold.  This ended up looking just like, well, like a pearl really! The pearly shimmer isn't visible in the photo.

Bright Gold
Pearled finish
Ok, so now I'm all out frustrated.  Why couldn't I get it right!   The pearl was okay, so I considered leaving it alone while I was ahead and I retired for the night.

But then in the morning light and with a fresh dose of determination I took it up again.  The pearl gave way to old gold and then a thinned wash of bronze!  Eureka!!  I think I've got it; and it only 7 coats!!

I had considered changing some of the clear crystals for aqua or blue milk glass ones,  but after doing the math (cha-ching) I decided to stick with what I had.  So just a little repair work to the existing crystals; and then on to the fun job - the crystals jigsaw!   I'd like to evenutally add some sea blue and aqua crystals. You know, like maybe when I win the lottery. Ohhhhhh an wouldn't blue opaline crystals just be to die for on this baby!!

Did I mention that I was PLANNING on selling this in my booth at the antique market?  Ohhhh, to chandy or not to chandy, what a dilemna.    Well guess what!!   I fell in love, so I guess I decided to chandy afterall.

Here it is,  hanging in my dining room where it beautifully compliments my ever evolving, romantic shabby decor.

and here it is all lit up....

I love it!!!

And....the lesson for today......never give up!!!


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  1. Me encanta como te a quedado la lampara.

  2. Wow You have patients!! I would have quit on the 2nd coat. It looks awesome..
    I just shabbied a chandy(that rhymes..hehe) Annie Sloan old white and love it. I guess I should blog it, right?!

  3. You have given new meaning to try, try , try again. Your patience has paid off and looks fabulous. Great job,

  4. Love the new chandy, never thought it would look so pretty, but with the crystals it looks so chic...Love the pictures, I am a new follower of yours, and I will be back again for a visit,,,

  5. Great job! Well worth the effort. It's so pretty!

  6. Now that's dedication for you! Your chandelier turned out great in the end. I liked the pearly look too :) Thank you for sharing at "What We Accomplished Wednesdays." Have a great weekend!

  7. I'm so glad you kept going! Sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it...I have done this so many times. LOL Looks great- and I hope you wrote down your secret formula. You'll want it again! ;)
    I came over from Shabby Art Boutique and am a new follower.
    Enjoyed my visit!

  8. It might have taken 7 coats of paint Deborah, but she turned out gorgeous in the end. Well worth the effort. Thansk for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday... I'll be featuring you at tomorrow's party.