Monday, May 21, 2012

Vintage suitcase

So once again I've forgotten to take a before picture.  This vintage suitcase was really in need of some love.  It was black vinyl but much of the vinyl was coming loose and it had been used to haul around books, so it's sides were coming unglued in several places.  After doing quite a bit of repair work, I taped off all the buckles and the handle and then painted it with Annie Sloans pure white chalk paint.  Afterwards I distressed it a little to give it an aged appearance.

Now the fun part; I went to the graphics fairy. website and selected several images of lovely ladies.  I printed them onto waterside transfers and using the manufacturers instructions, randomly applied them to the case, sort of travel sticker style.  I also used the word Beauties taken from a music sheet and a few other small graphics all also found at the graphics fairy.  Several clear coats and voila'!

So pretty......what do you think?

This will be heading to my booth at the 2012 Vintage Chicks Sale held June 8th and 9th.  If you're local to Calgary make sure to come by.

Tea Trolley

I remember a while ago I found this really cool vintage tea cart while thrifting.  By really cool I mean it was old, cheap but not pretty, so it needed my love.  But for whatever reason, I left the store without it.  So for the rest of the day I was kicking myself, and of course by the time I went back, it was gone.  I know you've had these moments.  However, a few weeks later I came across another old tea cart and this time I didn't even think twice.

If you are a regular reader (one of my 3, ha ha), you know that like many crafting bloggers,  in my excitement to start work on it I neglected to take a before picture.  The below picture is similar, only trust me, my tea cart was not anywhere near this nice.  The main frame was an ugly pearled bandaidy kind of flesh tone and the trays were an almost black fake wood arborite.

Mid way through this project, while disassembled, I wasn't sure it was going to turn out very well.  But check it out....

The main frame was painted in ivory; then I decoupaged music sheets to cover the ugly arborite trays.  For the final touch I went to my favorite place for vintage graphics and chose several pretty images as a final touch.

Now that it's reassembled I am so happy with the way it looks.  It has a lovely shabby chic look to it.  What do you think......I'd love to hear your feedback.

This piece will be heading to my booth at the 2012 Vintage Chicks Sale on June 8th and 9th.  If your local to Calgary, make sure to come by.

Thanks for taking a look.