Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some More Before and Afters

It's been a busy summer and I haven't done much blogging.  But here's another quicky update on my latest projects

Reproduction Secretary

This reproduction secretary was pretty dated and though it was not solid wood, I decided it had great lines and could be really pretty. 

Before, ughhh!!!
I prettied up the drawer interior with music sheets and graphics from the graphics fairy blog.   I added an embellishment to the top as well.   I was able to reuse the same hardware (gotta love that), and they actually fit better with it's new look. This piece and the pie safe below were both SOLD to the same party!

Single Pie Safe


I used a combination of chalk paint and milk paint on this girly pie save.  It's so sweet, I just love how it turned out!

Chippendale Style Bench

Before........boring, and blah!


This bench was a makeover of horrific proportions.  The initial painting failed so I had to strip it back to bare wood and start over.  That was not a fun task on this scrolly, extensively carved piece.  Not a mistake I will quickly make again!!  But, I must say that after all of that, it turned out so beautiful and elegant that the pictures couldn't even do it justice.  I had also recovered the seat with drop cloth fabric that I transferred a french graphic onto using a laser printout and citrisolv.  I've posted the graphic below for your use and convenience, but go to for more great graphics.
 This piece is still available at the Where on Earth did you Get That Antique Market in Airdrie. 

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  1. Hi Deborah!
    Thanks so much for dropping by and viewing my sewing machine lamp! It is a treasure to me because I've always loved these machines. I'm so glad you left a comment because now I've learned about you. I love your blog and all your projects! I'm coming back to stay awhile and look at all your makeovers. I love makeovers and these are so neat! I'm your newest follower and I've signed up for your email list, I don't want to miss a post! Have a great week! Sharlotte

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