Monday, July 15, 2013

Some Before and Afters

Just a quicky.....What I've been up to lately,

some before and afters

Vintage Fleetwood 3000 Suitcase
If your observant, you'll notice that the 'before' is not the same case.  I forgot to take the before photo as I often do, but this is very similar to what it looked like, though mine was more of a deep rust colour. I usually include the jpg for graphics that I've used on my projects.  But I'm afraid that the Paris Market graphic was purchased on Etsy and out of respect for the artist's work, I cannot in good conscience, include it here.  If you'd like to buy it, here is the link.  It's a digital download and sells for $1.07, that's practically free anyway.  She has many wonderful graphics all at very affordable prices.

Mirror, Mirror!
I used rub n' buff on this mirror and it is hand's down, my favorite new product!!  If you haven't tried it, it's an artisan must!!  It's the most fantastic metallic wax, comes in wide variety of colours and trust me when I say, it's the absolute easiest way to transform a tired old piece!!! Just rub it on with a 'gloved' finger, buff with a soft cloth (I use paper towels) and Ta-dahhhhh!!!  
However, I have found it works better on textured surfaces rather that flat ones.
  Also, If you are in Canada like myself, you'll probably have to order it online. 
I ordered mine from Wallacks.

Updated End Table
 The graphic is from the Graphics Fairy and I highly recommend her fantastic site if you're ever looking for free (and copy write free of course) vintage graphics.  But for your convenience, I've attached it below, including the mirror image for doing transfers.

As much as I love these pieces, especially that awesome vintage suitcase, they are all at the 
 Where on Earth Did you Get that Antique Market in Airdrie
Hopefully they will find new homes soon.  
Take care!!



  1. I have a suitcase that we just painted white last night. It's a hard shell American Tourister. Haven't decided what to do with it yet, but I like yours with the transfer on it. Adorable stuff. Hope everything sells quickly!

  2. Your suitcase is absolutely adorable! And I love the graphic you put on the last table.. I've used it before on a dresser, too.

  3. Oh I love your suitcase. I just painted one white and I will be painting a chalkboard on it and using it as a display sign for my booth.


  4. Lovely pieces Deborah! That suitcase looks so much like a couple that I have. I've been thinking about painting them and stacking for an end table. I'm convinced now! Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  5. Beautiful pieces! I've pinned that suitcase as I have an old one just sitting in my garage crying out for attention. So happy I found you over at Green Willow Pond. Blessings to you, Patti

  6. Oh! So pretty...such a lovely transformation - love the white paint and pretty graphics! Thanks for the inspiration. Catherine