Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A year of makeovers (OR - My life summed up in a photo collage?)

OH! MY! GOSH!  I was just noticing that it has been well over a year since I last posted something for ya'll. WOW.........I've really failed you; my loyal followers of 'thirty something' strong.  You know! I know that you do!  That  life  can just get way too hectic and when it does some things just have to fall away.  But, with 2015 comes a new purpose and a new dedication to keeping my blog current and providing tutorials, or at least better ones.  So, if you did follow at one time, I hope you're still there.  If you're new, well, welcome to my blog.  Either way........I thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping in and actually giving me a reason to write.

I'm going start this new dedication off with a bevy of makeovers that is part of what kept me so busy.  No tutorials for now, just pics and few comments to get caught up.  If you love something you see and just HAVE to know more, please feel absolutely free to send me your questions via the comments.

So, all that being said........enjoy the visuals dearies:

First up is a war era china cabinet and buffet.  This piece and the companion buffet were both farm rescues.  They'd been relegated to the barn, well even worse actually, to the quonset.  They were in really sad shape, but they both restored so beautifully.

During one of my picking trips, I found this 1960's toolbox (shown open). I thought it was kind of cool because it was actually a carpenters apprenticeship test (he passed).  I put it in my booth as found, but after months it still hadn't sold.  I finally pulled it and gave it my signature restyling.  It sold within a few days of being returned to the market.  The before picture is terrible, but it was basically unfinished plywood.   Incidentally, I do a lot of transfers, but for the graphic surprise on the inside, I just used a stamp and then handpainted 'joie' (joy) in the centre.

I found two of these great vintage trays; wood bases with wicker sides while on a trip a few hours from home last fall.  I can't resist vintage trays, well among other things. But they're such quick and easy makeovers and are always useful.  I mean can you really have too many trays?   I restyled this one with a medium grey paint that once dry, was vigorously brushed with the humble scrub brush.  Is it just me or does this look like a pottery barn hack? What do you think

Vintage lamps are another one of my obsessions.  Admittedly,  I have waaay to many obsessions; well when it comes to the home anyway. Unfortunately, cooking is not one of them.  I have a sign on my stove that says 'many people have eaten my cooking & gone on to lead perfectly normal lives'. That says it all, don't you think? Okay, back to the lamp; they were a pair, but I've only gotten the one done.  I used spray paint, super easy & my favourite fair weather shortcut. I love how it turned out & the skeleton shade is just so fun and funky. Of course skeleton shades make a pretty light bulb a must.  Now if only I could find another skeleton shade for it's mate.

You've probably seen these signs all over pinterest.  I know I have and I love them so much I had to make a bunch.  I neglected to keep any for myself tho. DOH!  So now I'll just have to make another batch so I can keep one, or several!  But I think I'll do the next bunch dual sided. Maybe BLOOM, GROW or WELCOME could be opposite the Christmas side. I used old fence boards I had in my shop to make these.  To do the lettering I printed out a letter per page in an appropriate size for the finished sign.  Taped them all together and transferred them onto the already painted boards by using transfer paper. Then I just filled in the traced outline with acrylic paints and clear coated them (3 coats) for outdoor use.   Easy peasy!

For the life of me I can't remember where I found this pie safe style cupboard.  But I do remember that it was one of those unfinished pine pieces you can buy and then refinish at home.  So it had been stained with the usual boring stain colour.  I know there are lot of people that really love wood furniture and think it's absolute sacrilege to paint it.  But I'm afraid I am NOT one of them.  Unless it's a really special piece,  very old, and with beautiful wood tones, I just see brown.  I don't like brown!  Sooo...I paint over brown!

I wasn't really happy with how this cupboard turned out at ALL!  You might think I'm a little crazy, but sometimes a project has a mind of it's own and it makes me do things!  Bad things!!!  I would never distress anything that extensively, NEVER!  Really officer, I swear, the pie safe made me do it!!   ;-)

I'm happy to say that someone appreciated it more than I did and it actually sold rather quickly.

And finally, I leave you with a drawer repurposing. One of about a dozen or so that I completed this past year.  This one was rescued from the same farm as the buffet and china cabinet.  Long separated from it's dresser, I saved it from a life of slave labour as storage for mouse poops.   Ugggh!  Saving junk is really not for the faint of heart!   But all clean and gussied up, it's now a pretty organizer. 

Well, I bid you adieu till next time.  Coming up soon, a vintage headboard that's been given a gorgeous french inspired restyling.  Stay tuned!


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