Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Memory Box

I am forever coming across these old silverware boxes, minus their silver.  Where does that all that silverware go I wonder???

This is the before, not very impressive is it.
make sure you read this entire post to find out how you can get a FREE digital graphics collage, like the one above.

But there is potential and that's all this artisan needs for inspiration.  So I decided to try a makeover on this one and see what I could come up with.  I'm so happy with the results that I've picked up 3 more to work on.

Gutting the inside is the tough part.  The bottoms of these boxes are almost always made from a stiff cardboard.  When pulling out the cutlery holder you don't want to weaken the cardboard bottom or there goes your box.  Very tricky!!!

As you can see from the inside of this box, even though it's finished, the interior was pretty rough after it was gutted.  But I like the shabby look that it took on once it was painted.   If you look really closely there is a faded Paris address on the bottom.  This was my first attempt at nail polish remover transferring.  The roses are a waterslide transfer.  If you're not familiar with waterslides, they're a fantastic way to adhere an image to a project, decoupage style.  Waterslide paper is available online, but I must say, it's a little pricey.  Just print out your image, follow the waterslide instructions provided and adhere to your project.  The image is printed onto a fine clear plastic and the paper washes away, so it doesn't have the thick bulky look of a typical paper decoupage.

And now for the outside!!

I made this collage using photoshop and layered several images obtained from the Graphic Fairy's blog (just love her fabulous site).  It is also a waterside transfer and looks just beautiful on the top of this distressed white box.   Gorgeous!!   Like most of my work lately,  this will be going to the June 2012 Vintage Chicks Show in Priddis, AB.


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  1. I love your box!! I love how you painted the inside. I've been lining mine with burlap...but the paint is a great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creative ideas posted.


  2. Thanks Michelle, it's really wonderful to hear some positive feedback! Burlap is a wonderful option as well.

  3. Hey Deb, love your crafty new ways;)

  4. Oops, it should post my name this time

  5. Thanks Jane, same stuff I've been doing forever, just bragging about it now.