Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vintage Fabric Meets Window = Shabbilicious

I had a great day thrifting yesterday and found so many bits and pieces to add to my collection for up-cycling.  I love those kinds of days, don't you?  One of my favorite finds was a beautiful vintage curtain panel, circa 1950 - 1960's.  The pretty blue background was sun-bleached in the centre to a pretty pale green, which only added to it's appeal.  I couldn't resist the soft graduation from blue to pale green, and the best part(?) it was only $3; yah gotta love that!  I wish I'd taken a photo of it for you before I used it, but as usual.....

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but my first thought was to cut it down and make pretty ruffled tea towels with it.  But then I had a pinterest inspiration!!  AH-HA!!

I have this old 9 pane window that I bought last year.  It's been placed in a least 3 different locations around my living room and currently resides on top my vintage china cabinet, just leaning against the wall. Mostly because I just can't bare, or maybe I should say I'm to darn lazy to put yet 3 more plugs and screws into the walls to hang this beast.  Here it is here.......

By the way, 2 of the 9 panes were missing when I bought it.  I had them both replaced by a glass company at a cost of $50.  Buying an old window with broken glass when you actually want the glass intact is not recommended, and a mistake I sure won't repeat.  Anyway, I digress, I was originally going to paint the glass sections with Krylon- Looking Glass spray paint. which gives that old distressed mirror look, similar to mercury glass.  Then I discovered that despite wide online coverage of this craft product, it was not to be.  Sadly, this product, like so many other craft products I try to find, is not available in Canada at this time.  Quite likely a labeling issue with the Canadian requirement to have both the English and French language on everything.  Gaaahh!!  

Anyway,  my good friends Jon and Lora-lea are currently in the good ole' U.S of A and are returning later this month and bringing me back all kinds of goodies that I can't get up here.  I love you guys!!!

Anyway, back to my pinterest ahha moment,  it occurred to me that, that lovely vintage curtain panel was almost a perfect fit for my old window.  Now, if you are one of my handful of followers or if you pop in now and then you might have noticed that I'm a lover of colour.  I adore the 'all white' rooms that are so popular now, with touches of old silver and bits of rust or gold, but only in theory it seems.  For whenever I try it in my own home, I inevitably give in to the need for added colour.  Especially my favorites, blue, aqua and shades of pink.

So, I boldy attached my vintage fabric to the window with my staple gun (as few as possible to minimize fabric damage). I'm not sure this is for the faint of heart, it is QUITE colourful and a little busier than that empty old window.  But for now, I just LOVE it!  It's FABULOUSSSSSS!! By the time I get tired of it, I'll have all those goodies my friends are bringing back and I can mirror it up instead.

If you're super observant, you might have noticed that the old door next to my china cabinet looks different.  Nope, I didn't paint it. I've actually embellished the old door so that it's reversible.  This side is a soft grey and white with cafe' de paris at the top, the other side is light blue.  I found there was a little too much blue with the added fabric and some contrast was needed, so I flipped the door around.  I also rotated some of the decor a little, but I do that almost daily anyway *wink*.

I'd love to hear what you think.....


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  1. Cute idea and you can hardly go wrong adding the softness of fabric into such a sweet mixture of furniture. So nice.

  2. lovely!! i smitten with the dash of whimsy this brings to the room! awesome idea! glad to have found your darling blog!

  3. I love it! It has inspired me to do something different with a large window that I have over a sofa! Hugs, Penny

  4. That fabric is a wonderful find - it looks great on the window. You room is rather elegant with its shabby gentility.

  5. I think it looks's barkcloth and very hard to come by. Love the feel of it and how it fades and looks wonderful with age.

    I love it behind the window. Your room is so pretty. Love the old door too.


  6. Love the fabric! Putting it behind your gorgeous window was perfect, and it looks so springy! I'll be featuring this later today. Have a great week :)


    1. Hey Deborah, thanks so much for considering it for a feature. I'll add your featured button later today. I didn't think you were doing your link party this week.