Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A recycled Angel for Lora-lea

I have a lovely and kind hearted friend that lives with her husband on a nearby farm.  Over the few years I've known them, I have periodically gleaned pieces of old wood from the burn pile or metal scrap from the metal scrap heap,  even a few busted up old spindle chairs have found their way from the farm to my house.  I wonder sometimes if they might think me just a little crazy.  So this year, to prove my perfect sanity to them both, I determined to use some scraps from the farm to make my friend a Christmas gift.  And so,  her Angel was born.  This is not by any means an original idea, these folk art style of Angels have been around for a while.  But I'm proud to say that except for her base, which is a fence cap from the hardware store and her head from Michaels, all of her remaining Angel bits were recycled.  Even more importantly I used whatever I could from the farm.   That lovely weathered spindle that makes her body came from one of those broken down chairs and her halo is of course a rusty old piece of barbed wire that her husband (rather confused at the time) kindly cut and brought to me at work

I think she's pretty sweet and hopefully so does Lora-lea. 


Thanks for stopping by.  Caio.